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May School News

Read May School News to find out about events happening at y...

Education Week! May 1-5

Annual Education Week runs May 1-5, 2017 and our schools hav...

April 19, 2017 Key Messages

Key Messages from the April 19, 2017 Public Board Meeting.

April 19, 2017 PBM Agenda

Read the full April 19/17Public Board Meeting Agenda. 

PR Wrestling Pride

Wrestling Pride! GYPSD Press Release

April 5/17 Key Messages

April 5/17 Key Messages from Public Board Meeting.

April 5/17 PBM Agenda

April 5/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda

April School News

Find out what is happening at your local school with April's...

Mar 15/17 Key Messages

Read the key messages from the March 15/17 Public Board Meet...

Mar 15/17 PBM Agenda

March 15/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda Package

Recognizing our Subs!

It is Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week and from all of...

PR Bill 1

Latest press release from GYPSD on Proposed Bill 1 and Lette...

March 1/17 Key Messages

Read the key messages from the March 1/17 Public Board Meeti...

March 1/17 - PBM Agenda

Read the March 1/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda and Reports!...

March 2017 School News

March School News from across the division - keep uptodate a...

Feb 15/17 PBM Key Messages

Read the key messages from today's Public Board meeting.

Feb 15/17 PBM Agenda

Read the Feb. 15/17 Public Board Meeting agenda to keep up-t...

Feb 1/17 Key Messages

Key Messages from Feb 1/17 Public Board Meeting.

Feb School News

Feb School News - Read about upcoming events and news from y...

Feb 1/17 PBM Agenda

Read the full Feb 1/17 PBM Agenda

Jan 11/17 Key Messages

Jan 11/17 PBM key messages

Jan 11/17 PBM Agenda

January's first Public Board Meeting Agenda - read about it...

January 2017 School News

Keep up-to-date with School News for January.

PR - School Bus Incident

Press Release on Dec 12/16 School Bus Incident

Dec 14/16 Key Messages

Dec 14/16 Key Messages

Edson School Bus Incident

SCHOOL BUS INCIDENT - At approx. 4pm, students travelling ho...

Dec 14/16 PBM Agenda

Dec 14/16 PBM Agenda

Dec School News

Read Dec School News which includes Christmas Concert dates...

Nov 23/16 PBM Key Messages

Key Messages from Nov 23/16 Public Board Meeting

Nov 23/16 PBM Agenda

Read the Nov 23/16 Agenda for the Public Board Meeting - lot...

PR - BRAVO! Communications Awards

GYPSD Wins 2 Natl. Awards for Communications Projects

Nov 2 PBM Key Messages

Key messages from Nov 2 Public Board Meeting

Nov 2/16 PBM Agenda

Full Agenda for Nov 2/16 Public Board Meeting

Nov School News


Oct 19/16 PBM Key Messages

Oct 19/16 Key Messages from today's Public Board Meeting.

Oct 19/16 PBM Agenda

Read the Oct 19/16 Public Board Meeting Agenda!

Parent Connection Oct 2016

Grande Yellowhead is pleased to present "Parent Connection"...

Oct 5, 2016 Board Key Messages

Key messages from Oct 5, 2106 Public Board Meeting.

Oct 5/16 PBM Agenda

Read about what's upcoming at the Oct 5, 2016 Public Board M...

October School News

Learn more about what is happening at our schools!

Sept 21/16 Board Key Messages

Read the Key Messages from the Sept. 21, 2016 Public Board m...

Bus Delay

Please note that our bus online system appears to have greml...

Sept.21/16 PBM Agenda

Literacy & transportation updates, news on Edson's newest sc...

Sept 7/16 PBM Key Messages

Read the key messages from Sept. 7/16 Public Board Meeting....

Agenda for Sept 7 Public Board Meeting

Keep UTD with the agenda for the Sept 7 Public Board Meetin...

Sept School News

Welcome Back! Get utd with news from around the division for...

Press Release - New Tech Supervisor

Please join us in welcoming Kelly Smith as the division's ne...

Aug 24/16 Key Messages

Read the update from the first Public Board Meeting of the y...

Agenda for Aug. 24 Public Board Meeting

Keep up-to-date with the agenda for the upcoming Public Bo...

PR Update on Edson School Facility

Read about an update on our new school in Edson - moving for...