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GYPSD Policy 21 - DRAFT

Policy 21 - Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Express...

GYPSD Updates Administrative Procedure 350

AP 350 - Student Conduct AP 350 Appendix - Student Code o...

GYPSD Updates Administrative Procedure 310

AP 310 - Safe and Caring Schools  AP 310 Appendix - Divi...

GYPSD Updates Administrative Procedures and Policies

Check out our UPDATED Administrative Procedures and Polici...

June 25/18 PR GYPSD Goes Digital

June 25/18 Press Release - GYPSD Goes Digital!

June 20/18 PBM Key Messages

June 20/18 PBM Key Messages

June 6/18 PBM Key Messages

June 6/18 PBM Key Messages

June 6/18 PBM Agenda

June 6/18 PBM Agenda

May 16/18 PR & Board Key Messages

Read about the great things happening this year with our Sup...

May 16/18 PBM Agenda

May 16/18 PBM Agenda and Reports

May School News

May School News! For your reading enjoyment!

PR - May 2/18 Lobstick Schools Facility Review

PR - May 2, 2018, Lobstick Schools Facility Review

May 2/18 PBM Key Messages

May 2/18 PBM Key Messages

May 2/18 PBM Agenda

May 2/18 PBM Full Agenda

It's Education Week!

It's Education Week and we are celebrating throughout Grande...

Apr.18/18 Key Messages

Key messages from April 18, 2018 Public Board meeting.

Apr. 18/18 PBM Agenda

Apr.18/18 PBM Agenda

Apr.4/18 PBM Key Messages

April 4/18 PBM Key Messages

Apr.4/18 PBM Agenda

Apr.4/18 PBM Agenda

April School News

April School News

PR: Mar.14/18 New Secretary-Treasurer

PR: Mar.14/18 New Secretary-Treasurer

Mar. 21/18 PBM Key Messages

Mar.21/18: Key messages from today's Public Board Meeting.

Mar.21/18 PBM Agenda

Read what's coming up at the March 21, 2018, Public Board Me...

March 7, 2018 Key Messages

Read the March 7, 2018, Key Messages from today's Public Boa...

Mar. 7, 2018

March 7, 2018 PBM Agenda

Feb.21/18 Key Messages

Feb.21 /18 Key Messages from today's Public Board Meeting.

Feb.21/18 PBM Agenda

Read the Feb.21/18 PBM Agenda to keep up-to-date with what's...

Feb.7/18 Key Messages

Read the key messages from Feb.7/18 Public Board Meeting.

Feb 7/18 PBM Agenda

Read the Feb.7/18 PBM Agenda to learn what is coming up this...

Feb 2018 School News

Enjoy the Feb School News to learn more about the great thin...

Jan 25/18 Employment Opportunity: Secretary-Treasurer

New employment opportunity!

PR- GYPSD and GPRC Partner for New Welding Program in Edson

Find out about our new welding program in Edson!

Jan. 17/18 PBM Key Messages

Jan.17/18 PBM Key Messages

Jan.17/18 PBM Agenda

Jan.17/18 PBM Agenda

January 2018 School News

Welcome back to another semester of learning! Read the upcom...

Dec.20/17 Key Messages

Dec. 20, 2017 Key Messages

Dec.20/17 PBM Agenda

Dec. 20/17 PBM Agenda

PR- Hinton Missing Student Concern

Dec 14/17 - PR Missing Student Concern in Hinton

Dec 6/17 PBM Key Messages

Dec 6/17 PBM Key Messages

Dec 6/17 PBM Agenda

Dec 6/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda

2017-20 Education Plan

Want to learn more about Grande Yellowhead? Please take a fe...

Dec. 17 School News

Read about what is happening at your school and the upcoming...

Nov 24/17 - PR New Driver Feedback Signs

Nov 24/17 - Press release on new Driver Feedback signs in Ed...

PR-New Transportation Director

Welcome to Corey Halabi, our new Transportation Director. Re...

Nov 15/17 PBM Key Messages

Key messages from Nov.15/17 Public Board meeting.

Nov 15/17 PBM Agenda

Read the full Nov 15/17 PBM Agenda Package

Nov.1/17 Key Messages

Key messages from Nov 1/17 Public Board meeting.

Nov School News

Nov School News to enjoy!

Nov.1/17 PBM Agenda

Nov 1/17 PBM Agenda

PR Reaching the Learning Summit

Oct 24/17 Press Release - Reaching the Learning Summit