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PR- Hinton Missing Student Concern

Dec 14/17 - PR Missing Student Concern in Hinton

Dec 6/17 PBM Key Messages

Dec 6/17 PBM Key Messages

Dec 6/17 PBM Agenda

Dec 6/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda

2017-20 Education Plan

Want to learn more about Grande Yellowhead? Please take a fe...

Dec. 17 School News

Read about what is happening at your school and the upcoming...

Nov 24/17 - PR New Driver Feedback Signs

Nov 24/17 - Press release on new Driver Feedback signs in Ed...

PR-New Transportation Director

Welcome to Corey Halabi, our new Transportation Director. Re...

Nov 15/17 PBM Key Messages

Key messages from Nov.15/17 Public Board meeting.

Nov 15/17 PBM Agenda

Read the full Nov 15/17 PBM Agenda Package

Nov.1/17 Key Messages

Key messages from Nov 1/17 Public Board meeting.

Nov School News

Nov School News to enjoy!

Nov.1/17 PBM Agenda

Nov 1/17 PBM Agenda

PR Reaching the Learning Summit

Oct 24/17 Press Release - Reaching the Learning Summit

PR Classroom Improvement Funding

PR - Oct 20/17 Classroom Improvement Funding

PR Official Elections Results

Oct 20/17 PR Official Elections Results

Oct.18/17 PBM Key Messages

Oct. 18/17 Key Messages from Public Board Meeting

Oct 18/17 PBM Agenda

Oct 18/17 PBM Agenda Information

PR Unofficial Election Results

PR Oct 16/17 Unofficial Election Results

Oct 4/17 PBM Key Messages

Read the key messages from the Oct 4/17 Public Board meeting...

Oct 4/17 PBM Agenda

Oct 4/17 PBM Agenda

Oct School News

Read about the exciting news happening in our school for Oct...

Student Safety

Press Release - Student Incident in Jasper

Sept 20/17 Key Messages

Read the Sept 20/17 Key Messages

PR Ineligible Fees Reduced

Press release - Board approved the reduction of ineligible t...

Sept 20 PBM Agenda

Read the full Sept 20 Public Board Meeting Agenda

Sept 6/17 PBM Key Messages

Key messages from Sept 6/17 PBM

Sept 6/17 PBM Agenda Info

Sept 6/17 PBM Agenda Pkg

Sept School News

Sept School News!

PR New Bussing Agreement

Press release on new bussing agreement between GYPSD and Nor...

PR170830 MBE Update

Latest press release on MBE and FAQ Information

Aug 23/17 Key Messages

Read the August 23, 2017 Key Messages

PBM Agenda - Aug 23/17

PBM Agenda for Aug 23/17

New School Website Launched!

Don't forget to check out our newest school's website which...

GYPSD Welcomes New Supt

PR - GYPSD Welcomes New Supt!

June 21/17 PBM Key Messages

June 21/17 Key Messages

June 21/17 PBM Agenda

June 21/17 Complete PBM Agenda and Reports

June 7/17 PBM Key Messages

June 7/17 Public Board Meeting Key Messages

June 7/17 PBM Agenda

June 7/17 Agenda Public Board Meeting

PR June 5/17 Evansview's New Principal

Press Release: Welcome to Evansview's new Principal!

June School News

June School News -Read about how our schools are winding dow...

PR - Wildwood's New Principal

News about Wildwood School's new Principal for 2017-18 schoo...

May 17/17 Board Key Messages

May 17/17 Key Messages from Public Board Meeting

May 17/17 PBM Agenda

Meeting In Grande Cache ~ Agenda ~ May 17/17 Public Board M...

PR: Supt of Schools

Supt. Gray announces his retirement at the end of this schoo...

May 3, 2017 Key Messages

Key messages from May 3, 2017 Public Board Meeting.

May 3/17 PBM Agenda

May 3/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda.

May School News

Read May School News to find out about events happening at y...

Education Week! May 1-5

Annual Education Week runs May 1-5, 2017 and our schools hav...

April 19, 2017 Key Messages

Key Messages from the April 19, 2017 Public Board Meeting.

April 19, 2017 PBM Agenda

Read the full April 19/17Public Board Meeting Agenda.