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PBM Agenda - Aug 23/17

PBM Agenda for Aug 23/17

New School Website Launched!

Don't forget to check out our newest school's website which...

GYPSD Welcomes New Supt

PR - GYPSD Welcomes New Supt!

June 21/17 PBM Key Messages

June 21/17 Key Messages

June 21/17 PBM Agenda

June 21/17 Complete PBM Agenda and Reports

June 7/17 PBM Key Messages

June 7/17 Public Board Meeting Key Messages

June 7/17 PBM Agenda

June 7/17 Agenda Public Board Meeting

PR June 5/17 Evansview's New Principal

Press Release: Welcome to Evansview's new Principal!

June School News

June School News -Read about how our schools are winding dow...

PR - Wildwood's New Principal

News about Wildwood School's new Principal for 2017-18 schoo...

May 17/17 Board Key Messages

May 17/17 Key Messages from Public Board Meeting

May 17/17 PBM Agenda

Meeting In Grande Cache ~ Agenda ~ May 17/17 Public Board M...

PR: Supt of Schools

Supt. Gray announces his retirement at the end of this schoo...

May 3, 2017 Key Messages

Key messages from May 3, 2017 Public Board Meeting.

May 3/17 PBM Agenda

May 3/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda.

May School News

Read May School News to find out about events happening at y...

Education Week! May 1-5

Annual Education Week runs May 1-5, 2017 and our schools hav...

April 19, 2017 Key Messages

Key Messages from the April 19, 2017 Public Board Meeting.

April 19, 2017 PBM Agenda

Read the full April 19/17Public Board Meeting Agenda. 

PR Wrestling Pride

Wrestling Pride! GYPSD Press Release

April 5/17 Key Messages

April 5/17 Key Messages from Public Board Meeting.

April 5/17 PBM Agenda

April 5/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda

April School News

Find out what is happening at your local school with April's...

Mar 15/17 Key Messages

Read the key messages from the March 15/17 Public Board Meet...

Mar 15/17 PBM Agenda

March 15/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda Package

Recognizing our Subs!

It is Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week and from all of...

PR Bill 1

Latest press release from GYPSD on Proposed Bill 1 and Lette...

March 1/17 Key Messages

Read the key messages from the March 1/17 Public Board Meeti...

March 1/17 - PBM Agenda

Read the March 1/17 Public Board Meeting Agenda and Reports!...

March 2017 School News

March School News from across the division - keep uptodate a...

Feb 15/17 PBM Key Messages

Read the key messages from today's Public Board meeting.

Feb 15/17 PBM Agenda

Read the Feb. 15/17 Public Board Meeting agenda to keep up-t...

Feb 1/17 Key Messages

Key Messages from Feb 1/17 Public Board Meeting.

Feb School News

Feb School News - Read about upcoming events and news from y...

Feb 1/17 PBM Agenda

Read the full Feb 1/17 PBM Agenda

Jan 11/17 Key Messages

Jan 11/17 PBM key messages

Jan 11/17 PBM Agenda

January's first Public Board Meeting Agenda - read about it...

January 2017 School News

Keep up-to-date with School News for January.

PR - School Bus Incident

Press Release on Dec 12/16 School Bus Incident

Dec 14/16 Key Messages

Dec 14/16 Key Messages

Edson School Bus Incident

SCHOOL BUS INCIDENT - At approx. 4pm, students travelling ho...

Dec 14/16 PBM Agenda

Dec 14/16 PBM Agenda

Dec School News

Read Dec School News which includes Christmas Concert dates...

Nov 23/16 PBM Key Messages

Key Messages from Nov 23/16 Public Board Meeting

Nov 23/16 PBM Agenda

Read the Nov 23/16 Agenda for the Public Board Meeting - lot...

PR - BRAVO! Communications Awards

GYPSD Wins 2 Natl. Awards for Communications Projects

Nov 2 PBM Key Messages

Key messages from Nov 2 Public Board Meeting

Nov 2/16 PBM Agenda

Full Agenda for Nov 2/16 Public Board Meeting

Nov School News


Oct 19/16 PBM Key Messages

Oct 19/16 Key Messages from today's Public Board Meeting.