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GYPSD has continued to focus on literacy not only within its schools, but also with community partners. During the 2009 - 2010 school year, a Community Partnership Facilitator took on the role of identifying community partners involved in literacy development. This lead to the development of Community Asset Inventories for each of the five zones within GYPSD; each Asset Inventory outline community agencies involved in literacy development, key staff, the primary goals of the community group or agency and resources that they may have at their disposal.


Another task undertaken by the Community Partnership Facilitator was the development of a Literacy Partnership in each zone. The initial literacy partnership meeting introduced community literacy partners (including schools) to each other with the intent of developing comprehensive literacy actions within each zone.


The following quote has guided much of our work with literacy partners: “while we weren’t sure what the plan was going to look like, we knew we had to figure it out as a community- as a group. It was important that we built the understanding of what we were undertaking together.” (Superintendent of Bulkley Valley School District)


Another endeavor undertaken by GYPSD was the investigation of early literacy intervention for students who may struggle with reading in the early grades. A pilot was conducted at five schools. The pilot was conducted with the intention of determining the efficacy of leveled Literacy Intervention in meeting the needs of struggling readers.

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