Upcoming Decision on New School Name

This week will be an exciting and historical one as the Board of Trustees will be choosing a name for the new school in Edson! A Naming Committee (including Evergreen staff and parent reps; AHDakin staff and parent reps; student rep; Supt of Schools and local Edson trustees) went through all of the names submitted by our community and have narrowed it down to three for the Board to choose from at Wednesday’s Board meeting:




Names chosen had to meet three criteria: majority of the Committee had to agree and names must have some relevance to the Edson area. So why these three?

  • Mary Bergeron was a teacher at Trail School for Edson School Division from 1939-47 (she was the first teacher at Trail); taught Grade 1 at the Red Brick from 1951-59 (A.H. Dakin was her principal) and then moved to Evergreen to teach Grade 2 from 1959 until she retired in 1980

  • The Switzer family has deep roots in the Edson community (Switzer’s Drugs is one of the oldest businesses in Edson as they celebrated their 100 anniversary in 2012); John Switzer was the first pharmacist at the Edson hospital; served as a board member on the Red Brick Arts Centre and Galloway Station Museum (also heritage sponsor) and along with wife, sponsored the John F and Hazel F Switzer Bursary $500 at U of Alberta for clinical rotation travel for pharmacists to go to rural pharmacies

  • Ron Linford opened up the IGA, now Sobey’s store in Edson in 1966; He was a strong believer in giving back to the community and participated in many ways for the improvement or enhancement of Edson; Ron was a Town Councilor in 1980; served as Mayor from 1983-86; was a hospital board chairperson; heritage sponsor of Galloway Museum; quietly donated goods to local elementary schools for snack/ breakfast programs over many years; sponsored annual basketball and volleyball tournaments at PCHS for over 30 years;  and supported many Edson sports teams. GYPSD is fortunate that the Linford family continues with his initiatives in supporting Edson schools still today.

So keep your eyes and ears open on Wednesday when we announce our new name – any of the three names will make us proud!