The goal of Grande Yellowhead’s communications strategies is to improve the internal and external two-way communications and collaboration between the division, its schools, staff, parents and community partners.  All of them also support the division’s priorities and initiatives with the underlying foundation of two driving questions - 

  1. How do we advance our students’ educational success?
  2. How do we communicate our objectives to our stakeholders?

This philosophy provides the foundation for supporting all communications strategies in order to: 

  • Promote Grande Yellowhead Public School Division and its schools; 
  • Highlight the diverse offering of its unique programs and services; 
  • Assist schools in raising their profile in their community as well as the student accomplishments; and 
  • Complement the division’s initiatives in addressing its three priorities of improving student learning, building leadership capacity and succession planning, and improving internal and external communications.

Fostering stronger relationships with all key stakeholders will greatly assist the division and its schools in presenting itself accurately to the communities it serves.

It is also essential that the all strategies deliberately utilize the division's Engagement Framework in order to:

  • Determine whether the engagement is necessary
  • Ensure purposeful planning towards a successful engagement, and
  • Consider the depth and breadth of the engagement required to meet desired outcomes and objectives of the Board

Through the development and implementation of a comprehensive communications plan, Grande Yellowhead strives to efficiently meet three communications objectives:

  • Provide all staff with timely information about Board and administrative decisions made at the Education Services Centre (ESC), and activities and events across the division.
  • Increase the involvement of staff in decision making by improving communications between  them, the school-based administration and the division office thereby increasing opportunities for staff and administration to work collaboratively both between schools, and with divisional administration.
  • Foster the exchange of information and increase collaboration between Grande Yellowhead and the communities it serves, both formally and through informal channels.

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about public education in your community. We also welcome and encourage feedback on our site as well as on all communications documents posted as part of our efforts to keep our stakeholders informed about the division.

Communications Plans

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division (GYPSD) stretches from Jasper National Park, east to Evansburg, south of Cadomin and northwest beyond the Town of Grande Cache. The jurisdiction includes 17 schools, five Learning Connection centers, approximately 4,500 students and 600 employees and contractors. The purpose of Grande Yellowhead’s Annual Communications Plan is to present a clear and concise framework for communicating with our school communities which is critical due to the division’s cultural and geographic diversity.

All communications strategies are directed at two types of school division audiences: internal stakeholders including students, teachers, staff, administration and Alberta Education; and external – parents, community members, elected officials, civic groups, media, businesses and other members of the GYPSD community. Strengthening internal communications is a key objective of all divisional communication strategies. In partnership with stronger internal communications, GYPSD staff’s support for, and involvement in, the development and implementation of the division’s Communications Plan is vital to its overall success. Grande Yellowhead‘s communications strategies also target our external stakeholders as a means to communicate the goals and objectives of our school division to maximize student achievement and success through public support of our schools. Two such methods include:

  • Parental involvement in education: Grande Yellowhead believes that engaged parents will provide increased survey results which will help improve school functionality and the division as a whole. As well as GYPSD’s priority, increasing, meaningful family involvement is a target of the Province of Alberta.
  • Increasing community engagement: community members, organizations and businesses can help make school meaningful for students by ensuring that courses are specific and applicable to students’ futures, providing work placements and bringing local expertise into schools.

The Board of Trustees approves the Communications Plan in June of each school year.