Thinking of becoming a school bus driver?

We welcome you aboard! Here at Grande Yellowhead Public School Division, we operate 53 school bus routes across 8 different communities in our division and which requires 70 regular and spare school bus drivers to operate at an efficient level. A career as a professional school bus driver is a very rewarding career and offers many great benefits including:

  • Additional income
  • Comprehensive benefits package for regular drivers
  • Flexible schedule
  • Summers off
  • At home with the children on non-school days & holidays P
  • Parents may take their pre-school child with them on the bus

Applicants must have:

  • A valid class 5 license
  • Criminal record check
  • Family Intervention record check

Contact Grande Yellowhead Public School division if interested, or would like more information.

Phone: (780)-723-4471


Fax: (780)-725-2414