School Bus Registration

To ensure the safety of all students riding on Grande Yellowhead School Division buses, all passengers must be registered to ride the school bus and students may only load or unload the school bus at their designated stop or school. Parents are encouraged to review the school bus rider rules with their children and communicate alternate transportation plans with your child’s bus driver. Most requests such as alternate stops, or guest riders, can be accommodated with a call to Transportation Services or a note from the parent to the driver requesting the guest to ride.

For eligible students: Please complete the online school bus registration form below.

Follow this link to pay your transportation fees.

Am I Eligible/ What is my Designated School?

Click here to see if your child is eligible to ride the bus for the 2020/2021 school year.

Also, please read the information below on Eligible and Ineligible students for the 2020/2021 school year.

Eligible Students

School bus transportation service is provided at no cost for resident students who reside 2.4 kms or more from their designated school.

Eligible students do not need to re-register for the school bus each year unless the student has moved or changed schools.

All new students, including kindergarten students, who require transportation, must register for the school bus.

Designated school is defined as the nearest school located within the attendance area, in which the student resides.

Ineligible Students

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the implementation of health and safety measures to protect students,  the Division will not be accepting registrations for the bussing of ineligible students at this time.

School Bus Registration Form


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Alternate Location

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Student Information

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AP 350 Student Conduct      

AP 351 Student Conduct on a Bus       

Bus Evacuation Guidelines       

School Bus Rider Rules


Policy 17

Policy 17- Appendix A