Investing in our children and meeting their educational goals equates to success for all. Children and youth need passionate and dedicated people who advocate for providing world-class educational opportunities for all the children in GYPSD communities. School Board Trustees have a vital role in providing leadership and guidance to the school division by defining the vision, mission, and operational expectations on behalf of their stakeholders and communities. Successful School Board Trustees passionately believe that quality education is one of the most important things a community can do to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills they need to be successful – the same opportunities as others do across the province.

School Board Trustees are elected during local municipal elections every four years; the next Election Day is October 18, 2021. School Board Trustees are local politicians elected by and accountable to the community they serve and understand they have a fiduciary duty to all students. The provincial government delegates to school boards the responsibility for conducting the affairs of the school jurisdiction. 

GYPSD has created a 2021 School Board Election Handbook that provides important information to learn about trusteeship. Interested parties can also contact the Division to arrange for a hard copy to be mailed or picked up at the Education Services Centre in Edson. Prospective candidates may also contact Sean Nicholson, Secretary-Treasurer, by email at or at 1.780.723.4471 or 1.800.723.2564 for more information.

Below are some valuable sites about trusteeship to check out

What does it mean to be a School Board Trustee for Grande Yellowhead?

GYPSD Trustees work very hard to build strong partnerships with parents and other stakeholders including other elected officials, to ensure that all children are provided the best educational opportunities to become the future citizens that we all envision. The following information may be of particular interest to new candidates who are also encouraged to visit the Our Board page on the Division’s website:

Policy development is under the purview of the Board of Trustees – all of the current policies are on the Division’s website.

What is the time commitment expected of a School Board Trustee?

The Board sets an Annual Work Plan that serves as a guide for monthly activities for Trustees or the Board as a whole.  While the monthly list of activities in the Annual Work Plan is not all-inclusive of the responsibilities that fall to the Board, it serves as a guide for activities that regularly occur throughout the year. Potential candidates should expect to devote a significant time commitment to this role especially in the first year with a steep learning curve is expected. Due to the Division being the third largest geographically in the Province, trustees are required to travel extensively with a majority of their work during the winter months. In addition, they are also expected to attend meetings outside of the Division as GYPSD’s advocate at provincial and national meetings and conferences. The Board generally meets at the Education Services Centre in Edson once or twice on a Wednesday of each month during the year for scheduled Public Board Meetings except for the month of July. These meetings generally last all day. All agenda packages are posted on the Friday prior to the meeting. All these meetings are open to the public to attend and potential candidates are encouraged to sit in on a current board meeting. To carry out its mandate on local governance of education, the Board may delegate some of its functions to a Committee of the Board. Trustees are encouraged to join a variety of committees over their term.

How to Get Started

Candidates should refer to the Local Authorities Election Act and the Education Act for complete information. These Acts are available on the Alberta Queen's Printer website. In particular, Section 21 outlines the qualifications required to run as a candidate, Sections 22 and 23 also outline the reasons a potential candidate may be ineligible to run.

Residence: Grande Yellowhead Public School Division is divided into three electoral wards or boundaries. Except for Hinton and Edson that have two trustees elected, each ward has a school trustee that is elected by the citizens within the boundaries of that ward. Candidates are invited to run in the following areas:

  • WARD 1         
    • Sub-Division #1 (Hinton and Area)
    • Sub-Division #2 (Edson and Area)
    • Sub-Division #3 (Lobstick Area – Niton Junction, Wildwood and Evansburg)           
  • WARD 2      
    • Grande Cache
  • WARD 3      
    • Jasper

Nominations: Candidates are required to complete a Nomination Form. NOTE: Because this is a government legislated form with their security features, you can only view the form in Internet Explorer - not in Chrome. You may need to right-click the form to open if you are using an older Windows version. Save and then print the form, and bring it to the Education Services Centre. This form is also available as an appendix in the School Board Election Handbook.