Technology Services

Leveraging technology for learning in the Division is guided by Alberta Education’s Learning and Technology Policy Framework to ensure that learning is student-centered, personalized, relevant, and authentic. The Framework values leadership, research, and innovation, as well as professional learning, all within a strong digital infrastructure. The Framework positions technology as an enabler, bringing the vision of Inspiring Education to life in schools across our division.


GYPSD Educational Technology Website

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Chromebook Purchasing

GYPSD Technology Support includes

  • Equitable access to educational technologies through our digital lending library
  • Makerspace kits correlated to the K to Grade 12 curriculum and are available to all teachers

  • Responsible and safe technology practice guidelines

  • Access to rich resources for teaching citizenship in a digital age

  • Safe and secure high-speed wired and wireless network infrastructure

  • Support of the Educational Technology Lead Teacher

  • Network of 21st Century tools that allow students and staff to function in a technology environment

Technology Services Personnel

Lyle Lee, Director of Information Technology
Phone: 780-865-2514 Ext. 1017  Email:

Kandis Gilks, Supervisor Teacher, Educational Technology                               
Phone: 780-723-4471 Email:

Shirley Letawsky, System Administrator
Phone: 780-865-2514 Ext. 1018

Donna Funk, Data Coordinator
Phone: 780-723-4471

Hoang Le, System Analyst
Phone: 780-723-4471 Ext. 136

Bill Dick, System Analyst
Phone: 780-723-4471 Ext. 134

Carter Hegion, System Analyst
Phone: 780-865-2514 Ext. 1007

Sean DeLorme, System Analyst
Phone: 780-865-2514 Ext. 1001