Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) promotes greater participation in the classroom. When new technologies are incorporated into everyday learning, students quickly become more interested in the material, and thus more likely to succeed.

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division has a robust wireless infrastructure to support a Bring Your Own Device environment.  Students are encouraged to bring a device to school to assist with their learning. 

If you would like to purchase a device for your child, we typically suggest a Lenovo Chromebook. Having said that, a variety of devices will connect to our wireless network and provide the tools that your child will need. It is not necessary for your child to have a particular device, as long as they are comfortable with it and it can connect to the internet.

When students are allowed to bring their own devices to school, the district is not required to purchase as many tablets or laptops. These savings can then be directed towards other important resources, such as staff.

Many stores stock Chromebooks at a reasonable price and you do not need to purchase a special kind of Chromebook. We have provided a link to BCOM Computers who offer affordable options and will ship directly to your home.

BCOM Parent Letter - BYOD