2022/2023 Community Engagement Events

                                Hinton Transportation Boundary Review

The Board of Trustees for Grande Yellowhead Public School Division is hosting families and community stakeholders for an information session regarding a review of the elementary school attendance areas for eligible transportation service in the Town of Hinton and surrounding areas. The review is needed as the population of the Town of Hinton and surrounding areas have grown and changed since the transportation boundaries were last updated over 20 years ago.

Current Busing Boundaries

Policy 17 - Student Transportation Services

AP 305 - Student Attendance Areas

The goal of this review is to improve alignment of attendance boundaries to the province’s Student Transportation Regulation and maintain stable enrollments between the two schools. Input from community engagement will be used to determine what, if any, changes are needed and how these changes will be implemented.

 The Board of Trustees has two events planned for families and stakeholders:

1.    An information and input session will take place on November 15th to provide attendees with background on the transportation areas in place, reasons for the review, and to collect input.

2.    A workshop session will take place December 7th where attendees will be invited to give feedback on the ideas collected at the November 15th event and give input on any proposed changes.

Additionally, an online survey will be available for stakeholders to provide input for those unable to do so in person. The survey is now closed - thank you to those who shared their thoughts. Principals will forward the link to the survey to families; the survey will be available to the wider community through the GYPSD website.

The review process will be transparent, fair, and if any changes are made, they will be guided by the community’s input. 

Information and Input Session

Stakeholder Questions and Answers from November 15, 2022 Workshop

Stakeholder Questions and Answers from November 21 to 28 Survey

Date: Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

Time:  6:30 pm

Location: Harry Collinge High School, Learning Commons


Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Harry Collinge High School, Learning Commons

In summary, please note that no decisions have been made. Community input is essential to ensure that the changes address the identified needs of the schools and the community. 

All of the ideas and comments collected through this review and consultation process will come forward at the January 25 Public Board Meeting where the Board will discuss options, costs, and timelines that impact courtesy service fees, and ultimately make their decisions.

This information, as well as any decisions made about the attendance boundaries will be made publicly available for all stakeholders after the January 25th, 2023, Public Board Meeting.