Alternate Program Options

Welcome to GYPSD's Alternate Programs page. In this section, you will find resources and information to support online/distance learning, hybrid programs, and Home Education.  

Whether you would like to access Online or Print-based Distance Learning, Home Education, or a blended program, we are here to help. 

CAMPUS GYPSD provides families with flexibility, choice, and enriched learning opportunities. 

Through our community high schools, families can register students in Grades 7-12 in our Distance Learning option hosted through TLC (The Learning Connection) sites.

GYPSD teachers use the Hapara Learning Management System to offer self-paced, Alberta Education curriculum-based and assessment informed resources and materials and provide teacher-supported learning for students who are suited to and prefer an independent program.

Students can also access unique courses, such as Math 31, to support their individual plans for post-secondary schooling.

Families wanting this option need to contact their local school principal. High school students can speak to their principals about a hybrid option that supports a blended program of in-person and online courses.  

GYPSD is an official Home Education provider.  Scroll down to the Home Education link for information on our unique program opportunities and how to register!