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Texthelp Webinar on Reading and Writing Achievement - Dec. 15, 2020

Ed Tech Team Webinars

Equatio Making Math Digital in a Remote Learning Environment with EquatIO!  Link to Recording

EdTech Team Canada- Webinars and Resources to support your teaching with Google

Pear DeckJoin us for a Distance Learning Webinar! Looking to brush up on your Pear Deck skills? Or just getting started? Whether you’re an old pro or brand new at remote instruction, we’ve got webinars for everyone. Find your perfect fit and register today!

Jump Math - Free until May 15, 2020 Kindergarten with JUMP Math Webinar Series

Jump Math - Kindergarten Webinars

Using Kami for Remote Learning 

Introduction to Kami 

Advanced Help on Kami 

My Blueprint - Remote Learning

My Blueprint - Webinars


My Blueprint Webinars

We are excited to announce that we’ve revamped our drop-in webinar offerings for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year based on the valuable feedback we’ve received from our myBlueprint community. 

Looking for remote professional development opportunities?
Our newly designed webinars support educators with the new reality of hybrid teaching, including topics such as how to successfully implement subject-based portfolios for documenting student learning and reflecting on the core competencies in a remote learning environment. These web-based training offerings allow educators to build on their learning with each webinar they attend. Educators will leave webinars with actionable next steps and specific resources to support them with the implementation of myBlueprint in their virtual and physical classrooms. 

See below for webinar topics, descriptions, and sign up information.
All About Me (K-6) Education Planner (7-12) myBlueprint (K-12)
Going Digital! Your First Class with Education Planner Limited Tech Classroom Implementation (Class Pass App)
Your First Class with All About Me Discovering Future Pathway Possibilities Train-the-Trainer: Running Successful myBlueprint PD
  Implementing Subject-Specific Portfolios Harnessing the Power of School-wide Implementation
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Not sure which webinar to sign up for? Click here for full webinar descriptions!  

*NOTE: All you require is a computer with an internet connection and microphone (or phone!) to view the webinar session and ask questions throughout. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team at or 1-888-901-5505. We are always happy to chat!


EquatIO Academy (Self-paced tutorials)

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Graph Editor
Handwriting Recognition
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EquatIO Mobile
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