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GNS: 2024 Rock On Tour

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Rock Tour 2024 was an incredible success, bringing together 30 talented students from GYPSD's Harry Collinge High School in Hinton and Grand Trunk High School in Evansburg, and Thorhild Central School from Aspen View Public Schools. Over the course of three days, these students embarked on a six-show rock and roll tour, performing at schools in Hinton, Jasper, and Grande Cache. The students also had a public performance at The Venue in Hinton, drawing a fantastic crowd and showcasing the students' hard work and dedication.

The tour provided a unique learning experience, immersing students in the realities of touring life. They honed their skills in setting up and taking down light and sound systems, while learning the intricacies of live performance. Traveling hundreds of kilometres together, they forged strong bonds and developed a deeper understanding of teamwork and collaboration.

Unlike many school activities that focus on competition, this tour emphasized team-building and unity. Students from different schools worked together, supporting each other both on and off the stage. The camaraderie and shared experiences made this tour truly special, leaving lasting memories and friendships. Overall, the tour was an unforgettable journey that highlighted the power of music to bring people together and foster a sense of community.

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