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GNS: Assurance Survey Report Card Time!

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It's that time of the school year for families to recognize the great work the school is doing!
Each year, Alberta Education asks the parents/guardians of students in grades 4, 7, and 10 through the Alberta Education Assurance Provincial Survey to provide feedback on important topics, including
quality of education, student academic results, learning supports, and opportunities for parent
involvement/ engagement at the school. Teachers and students also share their feedback by
completing the survey online at school. The survey is quick, confidential, and key to supporting and
celebrating the tremendous work carried out by schools.

So what do school divisions do with this information?
Once the Department of Education shares the survey results back to schools, principals and their
teachers use the information to determine what is working well, and where new targeted supports or
initiatives are needed. The review of last year's results and the plan to make improvements become
each school's SCIP and inform the Division's annual Education Plan.

Why is it important for parents to provide their feedback?
The survey report card means that principals hear back from their families: it confirms what is
working well and where program changes are needed to meet the academic goals of the school. It
also alerts the school team where better communication as to what the school is doing to support
student success might be needed...all in keeping with GYPSD's goal to be the number one choice for
excellent education in our communities!

How do families get the survey?
Survey invites will be sent out by the province in the mail over the next few weeks. Families with more
than one student in an eligible grade will receive a separate survey invitation package for each child.
Only parents or guardians of students in participating grades will receive a survey invitation package
to complete the survey. Parents can complete the survey in hard copy or online.

GNS: Assurance Survey

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