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GNS: Bucket Filling

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All year, Evansview students have been very keen to fill their school's bucket by acts of kindness that "fill someone else's bucket". So what is bucket filling? Inspired by the story, "How Full is Your Bucket: For Kids", the staff and students at Evansview have explored the hundreds of wonderful ways people can fill buckets. The language of bucket filling has become synonymous with being kind and thoughtful. Every time staff see a student filling someone's bucket, they get recognized with a star in the EVANSVIEW BUCKET.  When the Evansview bucket is VERY full, the students know that means it's time for a reward.

Students were very excited to welcome the Grand Trunk High School's PE 10 class who built a six-station obstacle course and then led each of the Evansview students through the course. The Grand Trunk Grade 10's demonstrated their leadership skills while helping Evansview students see the rewards of helping others. Actions to fill a bucket:

  • show that you care about someone
  • say or do something kind
  • give someone a heartfelt smile
  • use names with respect
  • help without being asked
  • give sincere compliments
  • show respect to others

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