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GNS: Career Explorations

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GYPSD schools host in-school presentations throughout the school year to support students in their possible career pathways. On March 22, 2022, Grand Trunk High School was privileged to host a visit from Constable Alexander Herbert and two other RCMP members. Constable Herbert provided an in-depth presentation on RCMP recruitment and other possible career paths in the RCMP. He explained the recruitment procedure and the necessary steps in becoming an RCMP officer as well as the process of how RCMP members gain specializations, including forensics, canine handling, and financial investigations. Students had the chance to ask questions and learn specific details and information from an RCMP officer who has recently graduated from the RCMP Academy in Regina (Depot). It was fantastic to have the opportunity to speak directly to an officer about his experiences, and the students who attended were engaged in the discussion.

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