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GNS: Caribou Patrol

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Aseniwuche Winewak Nation Caribou Patrol held learning sessions for Sheldon Coates Elementary School students in Grande Cache.

With the guidance and support of Elder Leola Moberly, Stephanie Leonard, and Devina Doire, kindergarten to Grade 3 students learned how to identify caribou footprints and their call - different to elk, moose, and deer. Students also were taught some key features of caribou, including their hooves' shape, diet, and migration patterns. The Hamlet of Grande Cache is located in the northern part of the Rocky Mountains along Highway 40, and is home to a number of big game in the region. Students also then learned how to approach situations when caribou are crossing Highway 40 and how to safely get them to move out of the way of vehicles.

Following the presentation, many Grade 2 and 3 students expressed interest in caribou and environmental conservation. Owing to organizations like the AWN Caribou Patrol, Sheldon Coates
students are becoming fascinated with being active participants in caring for our world.

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