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GNS: Dark Sky Preserve - Jasper

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Jasper schools are located not only in a National Park but also in an amazing Dark Sky Preserve. In fact, it is the second-largest preserve in the world. Since 2010, Jasper has hosted an annual Dark Sky Festival, a celebration of science, space, and exploring the unknown. This year, students from École Jasper Elementary School were treated to a special virtual presentation: Exploring the Most Bizarre and Extreme Happenings in the Universe with Tom Vassos. Students learned many new terms including 'spaghettification' -  what happens when a person enters a black hole. As well as the term 'Squeezar' - when a star gets squeezed by the gravity of a black hole. The staff and students were very appreciative of the presenter, Mr. Vassos, for inspiring imagination, teaching curiosity, and sharing his passion with them. Learn more about Dark Sky Preserves at Alberta Parks, and the Jasper Dark Sky Preserve.


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