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GNS: Equine Tech Green Certificate Program

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GYPSD is appreciative of the many community partners who support high school students in Career Pathway programming. Grade 12 student Trinity Shpakowsky (standing left) benefits from the expertise of Megan Greenwood (standing right), Equine Technician Green Certificate Program partner and owner/trainer at The Riverwood Ranch. Grand Trunk Principal Heidi Zadderey shared that "Trinity is a truly dedicated, hard-working student who strives for excellence and is passionate about learning."  Each Green Certificate Program provides students with 16 credits in their specialized area of learning. When Trinity has completed the program, she will have invested, at minimum, 200 hours of on-site learning and be awarded the Green Certificate Technician credential. The Green Certificate Program was developed by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) to develop human resources for Alberta’s agriculture sector. An industry-driven training program, the "apprenticeship-style" approach provides students with opportunities to enter a variety of agriculture-related credential courses leading to a career in agribusiness. Students learn on the job, under the direction of experienced farm personnel and under the supervision and administration of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AFF) and Alberta Education. Grand Trunk currently has 12 students who are working through different stages of their Green Certificates in multiple specializations: Sheep, Cow, Poultry, Equine and Field Crop. More students are interested in getting started next semester. This program is growing quickly in thanks to the very supportive agricultural community that supports students in their learning! 

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