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GNS: New Wildfire Resources

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The safety of our students, staff, schools, and the greater community is always the top priority of Grande Yellowhead Public School Division. Our schools practice safety procedures multiple times per year as part of our emergency planning/ preparedness cycle. Staff and students are familiar
with School Medical Emergency, Shelter in Place, Hold & Secure, and Lockdown protocols.

As we enter a new wildfire season, GYPSD has created a website page, Wildfire and Air Quality Information, dedicated to resources and information about wildfire protocols and air quality information. We encourage our families to review the information provided at the school
level in the event of a wildfire in your community. Schools have been confirming parent cellphone numbers and emergency contacts. Watch for an information sheet going out to families via principals this week which can also be viewed on this site.

There are many ways to keep current with what is happening during the school months. Please ensure that you download the Bus Status app for information on route delays and/or cancellations. Be aware that School Messenger is the school's main source of forwarding critical information to
families in times of emergencies; also check your school and the Division Facebook pages for updates. You may also find it helpful to download the Alberta Emergency Alert app and the Alberta Wildfire app.

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