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GNS: October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Protecting against the growing number of online threats takes more than technology.

While Grande Yellowhead Public School Division (GYPSD) continues to invest in new security technologies and improvements to critical tools, everyone can play a crucial role in preventing cybersecurity incidents.

Cyber Security Awareness Month is an internationally recognized campaign held each October to help the public learn more about the importance of cyber security. This campaign helps Canadians stay secure online by teaching simple steps to protect themselves, their accounts, and their devices. In 2021, Cyber Security Awareness Month in Canada takes place from October 1st to October 31st, and the theme is “Life Happens Online.”

In conjunction with Cyber Security Awareness Month, GYPSD will be launching a Cyber Security Awareness Training program on October 1st to provide this important training and education for all staff. GYPSD's Cyber Awareness Training program is designed to teach the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for cybersecurity awareness and risk analysis. It will help the Division's entire staff and organization better understand modern cyber risks and what a person can do to stay safe online.

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