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GNS: Six More Weeks of Winter?

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Mrs. Gerspacher and the Grade 2/3 class at Evansview School recognized Groundhog Day by incorporating their math, art, and leadership skills while continuing to build community within their school. (For those not familiar with this tradition, if the groundhogs sneak out of their burrows on
February 2nd and see their shadows, we can expect six more weeks of winter).

Students first created a graph and shared it centrally on a bulletin board; then these future meteorologists surveyed the school to see what people predicted would happen when the groundhog came out of his hole on February 2nd. Once they had the predictions on the bulletin board, they
went back to their art classroom and built their own individual 'groundhogs'. The put a picture of a groundhog on a stick and then the groundhog needed a home, so he was put into a cup that he could rise out of to see if there was a shadow.

On February 2, the Grade 2/3 class met the kindergarten and junior kindergarten class outside and explained how it all worked. The early learners were very interested participants in the whole process! The groundhogs all saw their shadow so it looks like our prognosticators are telling us to expect six more weeks of winter.

So don't put away those snow boots yet!

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