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Dot and Dash

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Kindergarten students at Crescent Valley School were beyond excited when they were introduced to coding with Dash and Dot Robots. They engaged in an afternoon of discovery and cooperative learning.
Mrs. Callihoo and Mr. Darroch spent time teaching the kindergarten students how to use block coding on iPads to control their robots. This hands-on play at a young age is developing skills in our kindergarten students to have success with 21st-century learning. Every child left this session beaming and chatting excitedly with their friends. All schools in GYPSD have access to a wide range of technology resources that can be accessed through the Division's Digital Lending Library. The library boasts a variety of coding and robotics tools, 360-degree cameras, Virtual Reality Goggles, 3D printers, iPads, and Chromebooks, just to name a few.

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