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GNS: MBE Students are Moving and Rolling

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Grade 4 students at Mary Bergeron Elementary in Edson learned about wheels and levers in science by examining and building devices with moving parts. Through the curriculum, students learn about the basic components of simple machines: how they are assembled, how they operate, how they are used. Students explored different techniques that can be used to transfer motion from one component to another, using simple connectors and various levers, gears, pulleys, and band-driven systems. As they work with these components, they learn the functions that each can perform, including sample applications and ways that they can be used in a larger system. As part of their studies, they examine how these simple machines are used to change the speed or force of movement. You can learn more by visiting Alberta's Program of Studies.

The Grade 4 students in Ms. Gilks’ class used office supplies to create an interactive page showcasing examples of each simple machine. They further explored wheels and rollers by making a roller using the school supplies they had in their lockers. Then, they moved to the library and made 'human rollers' to move a cross-country ski from one side of the room to the other. The students finished their day by exploring wheels and axles using LEGO education kits.

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