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GNS: SYC Shares

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Researcher and learning expert, John Hattie, was one of the first to compile a list of high-effect learning factors which he published in his text, Visible Learning. Long story short, he looked at the results of thousands of research studies and was able to confirm that some instructional approaches work better than others. Near the top of his effect list, Hattie noted the influence on student learning when the students self-report on their grades. But in the absence of grades, how do students know that they know? 

Continuing their leadership journey in the Superintendent's Youth Council (SYC), students recently met to discuss these questions: "How do you know as a student that you are learning?" and "What makes these things you see visible to you and why?"

The resulting answers and group discussions were truly insightful and provided valuable insight for Superintendent Lewis and the Division to ensure that our objectives continue to move student learning forward in the right direction!

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