Beginning Fall 2023, all of Grande Yellowhead’s K-6 students will be assessed using the K-6 Academic Achievement Grade Scale.

The Alberta Education curriculum is based on students achieving specific outcomes.
Outcomes describe the specific knowledge, understanding, skills, and procedures that
students are expected to reach by a particular grade level.

A teacher’s role is to ensure students achieve outcomes and to determine if those outcomes are being met at grade-level expectations.

Why is GYPSD moving to a digital report card and outcome-based assessment through PowerTeacher Pro? 

  • To create a cohesive, division-wide reporting structure and report card in all K - 6 schools
  • To assist and support student assessment and evaluation practices that:
    • accurately reflect the learner outcomes within the curriculum being taught;
    • generate evidence of student learning to inform teaching practice through a balance of formative and summative assessment experiences;
    •  provide a variety of experiences in which students can demonstrate their achievement  of the learning outcomes;
    • provide accurate, constructive, and timely feedback on student learning; 
  • To ensure parents and guardians can access real-time information and communication about their child's education.

2023/24 K-6 Academic Achievement Grade Scale

  • E: EXCELLING Demonstrates superior performance and an in-depth understanding of learning outcomes.
  • M: MEETING Demonstrates consistent performance and understanding of learning outcomes.
  • A: APPROACHING Demonstrates inconsistent performance and understanding of learning outcomes.
  • B: BEGINNING Demonstrates minimal performance and understanding of learning outcomes.
  • INS: INSUFFICIENT Insufficient data to report on.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

When can I view my child’s academic progress?
Student progress can now be monitored throughout the school year through the online Parent Portal - you don’t have to wait until the formal report card time!

Where can I view my child’s academic progress?
The Parent Portal is where you will be able to view your child’s achievement of outcomes in real time. Please note that the Parent Portal should be accessed only through a web browser such as Chrome or Safari, not the Power School app.

Why is it important to look at my child’s progress outside of the formal report card?
Staying engaged in your child’s education ensures you are strengthening the partnership between the school and home so all can celebrate your child’s growth together. As noted in the Education Act, parents are to play an active role in their child’s academic journey; the real-time access now to the Parent Portal is a great opportunity to keep informed throughout the school year.

What are the formal reporting dates?
All K-6 classes in the Division are now on the same reporting schedule. The following dates will reflect when you can find your formal report card through the online Parent Portal. Please note the report cards are now available online and may not be sent home as a hard copy.

  • First Term: Friday, December 8, 2023
  • Second Term: Friday, March 15, 2024
  • Final Term: Wednesday, June 26, 2024

What is a typical progression of skills in literacy?  

What is a typical progression of skills in numeracy?

What is a typical progression of skills in competency?